• Tiffany Haynes

You Have a Unique Mastery! Recognize Your Abilities!

What is your unique mastery?

Your unique mastery is the vision of yourself without limitations. Think of creating a clone of yourself, or a unique avatar, that embodies the habits and abilities necessary to achieve your personal goals, your health goals and your business goals. This avatar that works at its optimal potential to execute its goals at the highest level possible. That recognizes its abilities and works on mastering those abilities instead of trying to do it all.

What habits would that avatar possess? These habits are what create your unique mastery. When you fight for these habits, and fight for your unique mastery, you are able to recognize your abilities, create self-discipline, structure your days and achieve your dreams.

Replace 'Why is this happening to me?' with 'What is this teaching me?' Switch that internal dialogue so that you can move towards growth, health and happiness in your life.

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